Here’s how a tax attorney became an online course queen!

09/18/2017 | By Hira Saeed

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Most us have plans for our lives. Career plans, vacation plans, family plans, retirement plans, etc.

Life, however, often has a funny way of shifting priorities and changing major life intentions altogether.

That’s what happened to Tamsen Horton.

Tamsen was in search of a career that would provide more income for her and her family. Opting to go a more traditional route, she enrolled in law school and started her career after graduating. Much to her dismay, she quickly found that it wasn’t the field for her.

Pregnant and seeking something less volatile and cumbersome, Tamsen decided that working for the IRS would be more agreeable for her lifestyle.

Tamsen had a plan: Give birth to her child, take the summer to care for her newborn, and go to work for the IRS once things settled.

When she gave birth, however, everything changed:

“I remember being in the hospital and having Kip. . . And I looked at [my husband] and said, ‘I don’t know what we’re doing, but I’m never leaving this baby.’”

In lieu of the IRS, Tamsen figured out how to live life on her terms. Today, she’s a stay-at-home mom who makes a living selling online courses.

That’s a big transition. To find out more about how Tamsen went from a tax attorney to figure out what online courses are, to turning her online existence into a full-time gig, Tamsen’s story is universally appealing.

If you’re interested in learning how you too can make the same leap as this motivated mom, read on and prepare to get inspired.

From a Tax Attorney to an online Course Queen

After leaving the field she had gone to school for, through conversations with many friends, Tamsen began to realize that many of these parents didn’t have wills or any of the necessary legal documents needed in case a tragedy would befall them and the kids were left alone.

Through this realization and her experience as an attorney, Tamsen identified a need among her friends that she could fill.

Knowing all too well how impersonal, inconvenient, and insensitive law offices could be (not to mention difficult to bring kids to), Tamsen wanted to provide parents with a more compassionate and respectful alternative:

“I found this beautiful niche that no lawyers were serving, which was talking to parents at home via the computer when the kids are in bed. . . I quickly saw that my audience, families with children, who needed help with their estate planning was very receptive to my approach of talking with them while bouncing my son on my lap.

Tamsen ended up coaching moms via Skype where it wouldn’t matter if kids were present, crying, or running around in the background.

“After a few months, I realized that I could take the common content that I was talking about every single family and put that into a course so that I could better leverage my time and help make the price as affordable for these loving families as possible.”

Through this realization, she ended up creating a WordPress website and her first online course, My Kid, My Plan.

While this was a step in the right direction for Tamsen, she had a much bigger vision than her WordPress website would enable her to fulfill. She wanted to provide her clients with more resources and tried to do so with various plugins and add-ons.

But the extras she added to her site never worked properly and proved to be nothing more than “. . . very expensive digital duct tape.”

Choosing the Right Platform for Her Business

Frustrated with her current WordPress setup and uber pregnant, a friend who was already using Kajabi introduced her to the platform via a video.

After watching the video, she was thrilled to get started as building courses and an online store was as easy as “playing with Legos.” As Tamsen put it:

“If the heavens could open and angels could sing... It’s like [Kajabi] got in my head and built what I never could have said; this is what I needed.”

Understanding how simple the course creation process was, and knowing that the platform also provided powerful features like email marketing systems, analytics features, upselling elements, and an assortment of other beneficial components, Tamsen quickly got herself signed up and began producing and selling courses.

“As I began to see results in terms of time saved, money earned, and enjoyment maximized - I knew 100% that online courses were exactly what I needed to do to help families and myself all at the same time - it was the craziest win-win I'd ever personally seen. . . I felt like I had hit a secret lottery. . . Now six years later - I can't imagine doing anything else.”

Today, Tamsen provides her audience with an array of courses, books, and other materials that support parents in preparing for the future of their families. She also has courses to help anyone get started using online course creation tools.

Tamsen online course

How Others Can Get Inspired by This Story

For a lot of moms out there, staying at home doesn’t seem feasible. Just like college isn’t the ideal next step for every high school graduate. The burst of online companies has provided priceless new opportunities to people who are called to walk a different path.

Tamsen has a passionate message for anyone who is looking for a different way to make money:

“Everyone has something in them and they can get it out there. . . You can be free; you can do this. You don’t need to get stuck. You don’t need to be miserable. . . Life is way too short.”

Everyone has knowledge and abilities from the various paths they have walked in life. Everyone has learned valuable information from skills they learned on the job, life experiences, hobbies, and other adventures; everyone has something to offer.

Tamsen’s Advice for Getting Started

Tamsen isn’t one to guard her secrets to success; she is eager to share this tremendous gift with anyone who is interested in following a similar path.

Her advice for getting started is super simple, too.

She recommends starting off by giving yourself permission to dream (and believe) that you are far beyond what your current job or profession tells you that you are.

Then, read Tamsen’s book Easy As PB&J as it walks through every step that goes into becoming an online course creator.

Finally, “Become part of the Kajabi family. Plain and simple I can't recommend anything else. To have your system become part of your team and your family is an event that I've not seen happen with any other company on the market servicing online business. . . Kajabi is helping me protect what matters most to me and that makes my mamattorney heart so incredibly happy.”

As Tamsen has clearly shown, you can take the knowledge you already have and start teaching others those same lessons. Putting yourself out there can be scary, but this “mamattorney” is living proof that a dose of self-belief, crafty usage of user-friendly but powerful tools, and a dedication to hard work can manifest not only a dream job but a dream life. It’s all within your reach.