What the hell is Startup Weekend??

03/23/2015 | By Muhammad Bin Khalid

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co

Now that you’re interested, you may not be completely sure how you got here or what on earth Startup Weekend really is. First things first:

a) You got to reading here so that means you have an inquisitive mind which makes you perfect for Startup Weekend (…”Yes…Yes I know that but i still don’t know what the hell Startup Weekend is!”)

b) Once you find out there’s no turning back so don’t say we didn’t warn you! :)

So here is the deal. On this planet with millions of bright people with brilliant minds, great ideas often don’t get heard and remain what they are—figments of the mind. Young inspiring entrepreneurs constantly plan this and that but never seem to actually get anything done. Why? Because they don’t realize that deadlines, at least in the world of entrepreneurship, are our friends. Setting deadlines is the shove that many entrepreneurs need to get things done. And (cue the music) that is where Startup Weekend enters (stage right). Startup Weekend is as real and in your face as it gets; you say you have an awesome idea? You think you can change the face of the world? Great you now have 54 hours to get it done…and the clock is ticking!

See Startup Weekend has produced more than a few of these little get-togethers (over 115 actually) and every time we are blown away with how much teams can actually get it done.

Oh, did someone say teams? Yeah, I might have skipped over that part too. Besides setting deadlines Startup Weekend helps you do something else – form a team.  The vibe and energy around Startup Weekend inspires all kinds of creative and dynamic people to come out for a whole lot of reasons and before you know it, you suddenly have access to the most diverse and dynamic amalgamation of people you may ever hope to meet. And all that under the roof of LUMS with (wait for it) free food! Yes we appreciate your coming here to brainstorm with us that much!

So what do you think? Are you ready to dust off that idea and see where it might take you?