03/23/2015 | By Muhammad Bin Khalid

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So Startup Weekend Lahore is just around the corner and if you aren’t excited yet this post will definitely get you all revved up and ready to make it big this weekend.

Getting Ready for Startup Weekend

Step One: Refine your Pitch – You may have had a certain idea in your mind for weeks or even years but you need to know that everybody present at Startup Weekend will be hearing it for the first time so make sure it is clear, direct, precise and specific. Don’t be afraid to practice pitching your idea.

Step Two: Get Competitive – At the end of the day Startup Weekend is a competition. The judges will be presented with numerous ideas out of which they’ll choose a winner on Sunday. So no matter how great your idea is make sure you tweak and streamline it in order to fit a business model.  You need to clearly identify your customers, figure out the technical execution of your idea and design it in a way that would help it emerge as a winner.

Step Three: Be Prepared – Startup Weekend is a marathon. Make sure your body is prepared for the hours of non-stop work, thinking, learning and brainstorming. You will be working for long hours with a lack of sleep.

Feeling Uncertain?

Well that’s the whole point! Startup Weekend aims to encourage you to embrace uncertainty. You may have a big idea for a startup but you may not be sure how to get it there. The thing with ideas is that there isn’t usually a well defined path leading to success. This is where Startup Weekend comes in. It accelerates the entire idea formulation and idea testing process to give you concrete and dependable results over the course of a weekend. Startup Weekend aims towards validating your vague brainchild into something that is actionable, real and attainable.

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