What it takes!

03/25/2015 | By Muhammad Bin Khalid

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co

By Soha Hamid Baig


If I were to categorize a certain individual as having entrepreneurial potential, he would have one of the following ambitions: to introduce life-changing products to the world, to bring international markets closer through the success of his ideas, to inspire change through his discoveries and lastly but most commonly, to gain massive shares of market revenue along with achieving gargantuan fame!

Yes indeed, the ambitions of an entrepreneur are the amalgamation of both selfish and zealous facets! Are they commonly found? Yes. Then why do some individuals undertake the path of the tycoon while others do not? The reason is simple and is rooted in individual pride and personal selfishness; those who are more confident in their abilities, are willing to accept their desire for achievement and their drive for success, are the differentiated ones. This thin line between entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs is drawn on the simple basis of RESILIENCE: resilience in determination, initiative and deed. This characteristic although ordinarily is very common to be found, is found in amounts too small for quantum. This is the ‘X-factor’ which determines who the true entrepreneurs are, for those who dare to dream need to push forward in their resolve in order to achieve. This is beautifully expressed in the proceeding words of sage advice, provided by Sarah Ban Breathnach:

“The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers.

But above all, the world needs dreamers who do. “

And the aforementioned are basically what entrepreneurs are; individuals who acknowledge their thirst-filled desires and channel them to produce economic and social benefit, for one (himself) and also for all (the entire world)-they are dreamers who do.

What then succeeds this foundational factor? Creativity translating into VISION is what does. As rare as one believes this characteristic to be, it is realistically not. All humans use a 100% part of their brain (contrary to popular belief, this is a scientifically proven fact), and hence each one possess the potential to innovate. The only obstacle that stands in his way is of faith in his own person, confidence in his beliefs and surety of his success. Once one overcomes this fear of faith, can one truly become a successful entrepreneur!

Once again, to reiterate the nature of an entrepreneur: he is one who is willing to stand out, one who accepts his personal strengths and one who wishes the world to know of them. Because I am aware that these qualities are present in most, it would be an act of honor for me to encourage these potential ‘dreamers’ of embarking upon this fruitful journey! Like a warrior on the battlefield, an actor in a theatre and a lion in a jungle, is an entrepreneur in the business realm.