#SWLodz – 11 project teams after 2nd Day

01/17/2015 | By Marcin Zawisza

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This is our lucky "11" - our teams, our projects:

  1. Spot a Buddy
  2. Food Button
  3. Ifgard
  4. Skill boost
  5. Wipply
  6. Obiadujemy.pl
  7. Eventomat
  8. Business Validator (Matthew The Fortune Teller)
  9. FlatMatch
  10. Sport Ambit
  11. Startupeo

Short descprition of product/service:

1. Spot a Buddy - SpotABuddy is an application which allows a traveller to meet a local buddy. Benefits? Local view is more fascinating than abused tourist one Internationally meeting new people with common interests and ways of spending time is just FUN Safe way to make foreign friends Travelling on your own or with a boring boyfriend? The app is also for you.

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2. Food Button - Instead of arguing about what food to order to your company and waste time, press the FOOD BUTTON. It will instantly and randomly order food! The food button is a physical, standalone device. It's a call to action, it's non-negotiable, a lot of fun, and super efficient!

startup200115_zesp0142 (6)

3. Ifgard - social media/facebook for computer game players. Instead of creating a public own profile (eg. Jan Nowak), they can create their own Orc profile, which they use in games and they can find their friend from games (like Elves or Dwarves).

startup200115_zesp0134 (x6)

4. Skill boost - In order to connect hungry for knowledge IT enthusiasts and people willing to share their knowledge and skill we provide easy to set-up workshops platform. This workshops can take place in your company and attract potential employees. Our solution offers a significant change to present recruitment models.

startup200115_zesp0139 (x8)

5. Wipply - We give possibility to businesses to allow their customers to call them directly via the web for free providing the additional information about customer. It's a button which you can put on your website. It allows you to know customers who are calling and track them. The call will be totally free for your customers and they call you directly from your product page.

startup200115_zesp0137 (x4)

6. Obiadujemy.pl

startup200115_zesp0141 (x3)

7. Eventomat - Eventomat enables you to manage events effectively, broadcast important messages across different channels and collect feedback from attendees - all in one place and in real time. Stop thinking about website, mobiles, social media and rock your event with us!

startup200115_zesp0135 (x6)

8. Business Validator (Matthew The Fortune Teller) - We help companies to grow by validating their ideas in interaction with real people who don't know it's an experiment. We use AdWords (and / or Facebook) to get their attention and mockup landing pages to observe real, natural behavior.

startup200115_zesp0138 (x6)

9. FlatMatch - Tinder for apartment renting. Easy and convenient way to find appartment for people moving to another city to work. FlatMatch has features to find flats nearby place of work, at appropriate price and length of rental.

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10. Sport Ambit - Mobile and Web platform designed to help friends exercise together. Matching plans , creating sport events on map, finding motivation.

startup200115_zesp0132 (x4)

11. Startupeo - Stock exchange for small investors looking for promising Venture Capital firms investing in startups and community platform for raising funds for a startup idea you work on.

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Don't waste your time - prepare for Sunday and final pitches.

Upgrade your business models, your value propositions and customer stories.

No Talk, All action!!!