First SWOlsztyn WarmUp – it was great!

02/15/2016 | By Agnieszka Doma_ska

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Last year a group of enthusiasts organized first Startup Weekend in Olsztyn (and in the whole North-East Poland). It turned out great, many participants, lots of fun! This time we've decided to spice it up a little and make some introduction for people who are interested in SW but still hesitant about their abilities. This is how WarmUps were added to our event schedule :)

 1. od lewej A.Sobczak, P.Harajda

First of the two took place on February 2nd in Planeta11. 25 people gathered to learn some new stuff - usefull at SW and in real life. At the beginning, they were introduced with the subject of what actually Startup Weekend is and then it was time for a more literal meaning of the word "warm-up". Short exercises for awakening the interaction with other people, perception and creativity were led by Katarzyna Jędrychowska - actress of Baltic Dramatic Theatre in Koszalin. There was a lot of applause, laughter and fantasy. When everyone has felt more at ease and stimulated to creative thinking, there was time for the first workshop.

4. Design Thinking A.Sobczak

Aleksander Sobczak (Kreatika Studio) acquainted the participants with a topic of Design Thinking (DT). He described  entire path of inventing innovative products and services, generating ideas and solving problems - where to start, what to focus on, what not to ignore and what tools to use.

5. Business Model Canvas P.Harajda

The second workshop was led by Paweł Harajda (Olcamp). He presented the participants with a useful method of business planning on the basis of the Business Model Canvas (BMC) - a method that allows for illustrative systematization of all the necessary components when we think about a new company or a new product.

6. praca w zespołach

After a short theoretical introduction, the participants were divided into 3 teams. Each of them drew random password (dog, coffee, food) and was tasked to come up with a product (using the principles of DT) and then develop a BMC for it by responding to questions like: target groups, methods of sale, business partners, benefits the product is to bring to customers and so on. After an hour of working together, the groups have seconded one person to present their innovative product and business strategy. Fortunately, it was purely workshop and not competition, because it would be hard to pick a winner: home washing station for dogs, portable mini coffee machine or maybe deglutenizer of dishes?

 7. praca w zespołach

Everyone had great fun so the ones that hasn't been there should get envious. But good news is that there will be WarmUp #2 soon! Stay tuned and follow posts on our funpage.