Startup Weekend Olsztyn #3

    Friday, July 7 - 9, 2017

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Startup Weekend Olsztyn #3

Friday, July 7 - 9, 2017

Friday, July 7 - 9, 2017
Event starts at 5:30 pm

Centrum Innowacji i Transferu Technologii w Olsztynie
ul. Prawocheńskiego 9
Olsztyn, Poland 10-720

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54 hours to launch your Startup. The third Startup Weekend in Olsztyn!


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Startup Weekend is a 54 hour event that brings together Olsztyn designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and experts from all domains to do amazing things.

All Startup Weekend events follow the same basic model: anyone is welcome to pitch their startup idea and receive feedback from their peers. Teams form around the top ideas (as determined by popular vote) and embark on a three-day frenzy of business model creation, coding, designing, and market validation. The weekend culminates with presentations in front of local entrepreneurial leaders with another opportunity for critical feedback!


Friday July 7th

5:30 pm
"Naa Naaa Naaa Naa Naaa Bat...!" - Arrive at the venue and get checked in.

6:30 pm
Welcome & Rules
"The only sensible way to live in this world is without rules" - Review of the agenda.

7:00 pm
Pitches start
"Do I really look like a guy with a plan?" - 60 seconds, a mic, your voice and your idea.

8:00 pm
Let the games begin! - Attendees vote for the top pitches.

8:30 pm
Forming Teams & Dinner, Networking
"Why so serious? " - Meet your mates, start to formalize teams, work on ideas.

9:00 pm
Begin Work
"If this relationship is going to work out between us I need to feel free to party with a bunch of strangers whenever I feel like it." - How is your new team doin'?

9:30 pm
/wɜːk/ or /nɒt wɜːk/
You may stay and work till 10:30 PM. We support workspace, chill, music, food and soda.

Saturday July 8th

9:00 am
Rollercoaster #2 arrive, simple breakfast & coffee, begin work.

11:00 am
Mentors arrive
"We are from the planet Duplo, and we're here to destroy you." - mentors help teams one-on-one. They really are here to help.

1:00 pm
"Why did you build this thing with only one seat? Uh, cause last time I checked, I only have one butt." - Check in for status reports, start crying for help.

2:00 pm
“Ladies. Gentlemen. You have eaten well. You've eaten Gotham's wealth. Its spirit. Your feast is nearly over. From this moment on...none of you are safe.”

5:00 pm
"Hey Batman! I'm rubbing my butt all over your stuff! Gonna have to rename this the "Buttmobile" - Use mentors. Think bigger. Think better. CRY.

7:00 pm
Big-os or not Big-os, that is a question.

8:00 pm
Work hard all night!

Sunday July 9th

9:00 am
Rollercoaster #3 arrive, simple breakfast & coffee, begin work.

10:00 am
"I don't want to spoil the party but, does anyone notice that we're stuck in the middle of the ocean on this couch?" - Mentors arrive. Final opportunity to panic, cry and ask questions.

1:00 pm
Brain boost - carbohydrates, caffeine and some vitamines as well.

3:00 pm
Presentation Prep & Tech Check
"Darn, darn, darn, darny-darn!" - Final hours of worktime should be focused on perfecting your presentation, tech-check for final presentations also takes place.

4:30 pm
Final Presentations
"I am Batman" - The demo will be open to the public.

6:00 pm
Judging & Awards
“Some Men Just Want To Watch The World Burn” - Join the winners, we will not judge you. Oh wait, we will!

7:00 pm
Wrap-Up & Go Home
"What doesn't kill you makes you.... stranger" - Celebrate! This is the end. See you soon!

Coaches and Mentors

Tomasz Kolinko
Founder @

Tomasz Kolinko is a serial entrepreneur. He launched a few iPhone apps, and one of the first and best tools for App Store SEO in the world. For years now he's been telling polish startups to forget about the tiny local market go out and conquer the world. He's got stories to tell, and lessons to teach on the subject. As seen in Brief magazine, Techcrunch, and Fast Company.

Chris Kwacz
Head of Concept @ VMR Interactive Agency

Head of Concept at VMR Interactive Agency. Internet of Things and VR/AR evangelist, building the HighTech solutions while working on FIBARO and Monster & Devices Projects. He spent over five years in Allegro Group being responsible for overall strategy and developement of all Social Media Channels. Lecturer at Collegium Da Vinci New Marketing Studies. Co-founder of Get More Social Agency. Main organizer of Internet Trends and E-nnovation Conferences. Startup Weekend, Demo Camp and Startup Sprint Mentor. Long distance runner writing the blog called "On The Move". Huge Fan of an alternative electronic music.

Agnieszka Lewandowska

Specjalista w zarządzaniu projektami internetowymi. W ciągu 10 lat swojej przygody z branżą internetową zajmowała się business development-em, project management-em oraz edukacją początkujących przedsiębiorców. Pomogła rozwinąć biznesy ponad 100 osobom, z którymi wyinkubowała ponad 60 projektów oraz przeprowadziła warsztaty z tworzenia modeli biznesowych dla kilkuset osób.

Wojciech Namiotko

I'm generally awesome also

Jacek Janiszewski

Event Sponsors, and Partners

The Startup Weekend Olsztyn #3 team is grateful for the support of local community partners without whom this event would not be possible.
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Organizing Team

Techstars Startup Weekend Olsztyn is 100% led by volunteer community leaders.
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  • Katarzyna
  • Marcin
  • Agnieszka
  • Aleksander
  • Andrzej


Agata Kukwa

Cofounder and Communications Leader, former non-exec Communications Director in Black Pearls VC, entrepreneur, startup mentor & public speaker. Since 2011 she helped over 30 early stage brands to enter the market or improved their online performance. In 2012 joined awesome team of Black Pearls VC and gained experience on venture capital market as a non-exec. communication director. She serves as consultant in online branding and improve professional image of managers and their companies. She works for startup and VC market development in CEE region as a cofounder and Communications Leader in

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