5 reasons why The Startup Weekend is different

01/08/2017 | By Michał Majewski

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co

There is a plenty of events in the startup world. Most of them let you listen to the stories of others. But only a few give you a chance to be heard. This is just one reason which makes Startup Weekend different. Check for more below.

  1. Your involvement is essential – you need to be:

    1. Prepared
    2. Focused
    3. Open minded
    4. Ready to work hard
    5. Remember. It’s not a conference - you’re not an observer.

  2. Pitch matters – craft one.

    If you have a business idea, prepare your pitch well. Base on them the participants will decide what to work on.

  3. It’s all about team work.

    Either if you don’t pitch or your idea is not selected you cannot stay alone. Find people with complementary experiences to team up. Your skills are irreplaceable.

  4. Mentors are to be used

    They are here not to deliver speeches and gather attention. Despite they are stars they are not here to shine, but to help and work with you. Be ready not to give applause but take advantage of their experience and knowledge.

  5. Show what you’ve done.

    The aim of your 54 hour work is to present its outcome. Since the very first hour, remember the result of your team’s work will be present to the audience. Everything you’ve done, must be good.