Two weeks left. Must-read tips for Global Fashion Battle Startup Weekend.

12/29/2016 | By Michał Majewski

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Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Get focus and be ready for Startup Weekend. Check, what is important to know about our event, before arrive.

1. Think your business idea through

During the Startup Weekend you will work on a specified business idea.  If you  prepare well beforehand, it will be easier to convince others to join your team. Do your research. Check what you can find about your idea online. It may help you to pitch it better.

2. Get your friends involved.

Share your idea with friends and convince them that the Startup Weekend is a great chance to succeed. Invite friends and bring your team. It will boost the odds that your idea is selected.

3. Craft your pitch.

This is a crucial point. The participants will decide what idea to work on, based on these pitches. It`s not a joke – you have only one minute! In order to sell it best you need to have it well-thought. These 60 seconds can determine your future.

4. Be ready to network.

Startup Weekend is a great opportunity to meet new people. Bring business cards, have your linkedin profile updated. Be sure you can mingle easily.

5. Google our mentors.

Each of the mentors invited has a story and experience to share. Use it wisely. Learn who the experts are - you will know whom to ask for help.

6. Get rest.

Startup Weekend it`s not a coffee chit-chat, but 54 hours of a hard work. You must stay creative and open-minded. Load your batteries before you come.