Mixing Skills and Passion to Make a Memorable Event

08/08/2016 | By Irina Albu

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co

Pick 9 people with totally different backgrounds and ask them to get together to plan and organize a Startup Weekend event in Bucharest. That’s what David and Alin have done and so far we’re having the best time in getting this event done.

Spending our Sunday nights brainstorming and planning an event that has had a 3 years pause in Bucharest is no easy task, but challenges are welcome in our team. We are indeed a diverse bunch of folks, from entrepreneurs, engineers to communication and online marketing experts, and we’re mixing all the skills and passion we have in order to make a memorable event.

Our team consists of a bunch of wonderful folks that we are glad to present:

David Timis (Google)

Alin Apostu (Romanian Business Leaders)

Mihai Toader-Pasti (EFdeN, EnergiaTa, RoGBC)

Liliana Simionescu (Team 365 Associates, Casa Jurnalistului)

Ioana Alexandra Frincu (Motric, Rotaract)

Cristi Neacsu (Cegeka Romania)

Liviu Grandl (AIESEC Bucharest, The Alternative University)

Elena Bicher (Promocrat)

Irina-Paula Albu (TechAngels Romania)


Startup Weekend Bucharest is 100% a volunteers work, so we are happy to put up our energy and time in the game to organize this event.