The First Steps For Building A Startup

02/18/2018 | By Alexandra Peculea

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Oftentimes, the beginning can be the hardest part of an endeavor and that's the reason why most people don't even start. To ease things up, Startup Weekend Cluj has evolved other the years into the best place to validate, test and START building a startup.

So How Do You Start?

The Idea

It all starts with an idea, which should be a solution for a problem many people have encountered. What are some common struggles a certain category of people have? How do they solve those problems? How can you offer them a better solution? If you can find an answer to these questions, then you have an idea to begin with.

The idea itself doesn't have to be unique. Sometimes the implementation matters even more. Before you begin, you must find ways to validate your idea and see if there is really a need on the market for what you want to offer and if your solution is something people would use. You may find an even better idea along the way. Always be ready to adjust and change your solution in response to the feedback you receive.

The Team

One of the most important factors for a startup success is the team. It’s important to make sure that you are compatible and that each one of you is 100% committed. There are going to be a lot of decisions to be made and if you’ll spend time arguing with each other rather than working on the product, you won't go very far.  

As for the skills, you have to be ready to constantly be learning because the more skills you have, the easier it will be to understand what you’re doing. Even if you’re a great software developer or a marketing specialist, that won’t be enough. With the right vision, you’ll still have to learn whatever skill is needed to implement and then sell the product.

The Resources

In order to start, you don’t really need any money. Some of the most successful companies have started out as side projects. What you do need is time, commitment and a vision.

These are the first steps of starting startup. Choose your team thoughtfully, start with an idea that represents a solution to a problem and then work towards making it happen.

In order to test and validate your idea, find some amazing team mates and receive valuable feedback from a team of entrepreneurs and other industry professionals, join us at the beginning of March to the 7th edition of Startup Weekend Cluj. We provide you with the context, the resources and the food, so you can focus entirely on working towards your goal.

Some very special people have joined us as mentors. You’ll get to learn from Sebastian Campos Groth - Program Manager @ Techstars, Bogdan Iordache - Partner @ Gecad Ventures, Mihai Rotaru - Founder & CEO @ Clever Taxi, Gabriel Dombri - CEO @ Tapptitude, Agata Kukwa - Communications Director @ Saule Technologies, Cristian Dascalu - Partner @ GapMinder.VC, David Trayford - CEO @ Wow Media, Rumen Iliev - Partner @ Launch Hub.

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