cognitiveSEO supports Startup Weekend Iasi

03/29/2015 | By Adrian Agafitei

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cognitiveSEO is an ambitious project funded, founded and based in Iasi that believes in innovation and entrepreneurship. With clients like Amazon, iCrossing, Bitdefender, Razorfish or iProspect, cognitiveSEO has evolved quickly from being just an SEO tool to a fully integrated digital marketing solution from businesses worldwide.

Back in 2010, cognitiveSEO started from one man's passion for SEO and Digital Marketing and his desire to find a cost-efficient solution that could meet all his professional requirements.

We, at cognitiveSEO, have put the best effort to create a tool-set that will help businesses all over the world to rank and monitor their sites better. Let me tell you this, it's been a challenging yet a great ride so far. Our enthusiastic team has been working continuously on managing and improving the software, being permanently connected to the newest updates from the digital marketing industry. Our goal is to add value to businesses by providing actionable insight and a 360 view of all marketing related data, using unique and cutting-edge systems to process it.

By 2015, the cognitiveSEO project grew, now involving a fully integrated team of software, graphic, marketing & support specialists, offering a platform used by most of the top digital agencies and SEO professionals worldwide.

If you ever thought that creating an SEO tool from scratch is easy, think again! It takes a lot of work from dedicated programmers and engineers. They are the ones who make the tool actually work (almost flawless), and pretty much bug free.

Making an intuitive and easy to use SEO tool requires a team of creative minds, capable of understanding what the users really need and what would make them actually use it more and more in order to solve their marketing problems. Their endless passion and enthusiasm is what keeps cognitiveSEO on an ongoing path of improvement.

We choose to sponsor Start-Up Weekend Iasi because we think that the role played by businesses of all kind nowadays on the local economy is undoubtedly of great importance, especially in a world that has been radically changed by the parallel processes of economic globalization. We, at cognitiveSEO believe that companies from the Iasi area have a great impact on local sustainability. This is why we proudly say that we are founded and based 100% Iasi and we do our best to be one of the businesses that help the entrepreneurship area develop at its best.

Why we want to do this?

Putting it simple, local economic development offers a benefit that is quite valuable to local residents: more and better job opportunities in their home community, therefore better lives.

You might be familiar with the story of the two English salesmen who went down to Africa in the 1900s. They were sent down to find if there was any opportunity for selling shoes, and they wrote telegrams back home. And one of them wrote: “Situation hopeless. Stop. They don’t wear shoes.” And the other one wrote: “Glorious opportunity. They don’t have any shoes yet.”

Therefore, we believe that it’s not just about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.

And this is why cognitiveSEO is proudly sustaining Start-Up Weekend Iasi:

We know how to make ideas happen and we believe in the importance of local development.

Also, we believe that it is never too late to develop a great business. It's true that the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. Yet, the second best time is now.