CREAT3D supports Startup Weekend Iasi

03/16/2015 | By Adrian Agafitei

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Start-ups are about technology and innovation, about giving life to ideas but most of all about talented and passionate people. This year we have a lot of these people as participants, judges and organizers and we hope inspiration will be the word of the day. And going beyond words, we are bringing a new technology that we hope to give an extra kick to the mix. During SW participants will have access to a 3D printer provided by CREAT3D, a start-up that wants to bring 3D printing closer to you in a responsible and affordable way. We think 3d printing reflects the SW spirit, about bringing ideas to life and we encourage participants to try it out over the course of SW.

The 3D printer is a machine, like a CNC that uses a biodegradable plastic as raw material, and based on a computer generated/created 3D model, it makes a 3 dimensional sculpture of it. It's not super fast, but you can make almost anything. You will soon learn and see.

Sebastian from CREAT3D will be there to give you answers and make this introduction as easy and fun as possible. He held workshops in Copenhagen, Denmark and coached more than 200 people about 3D printing and digital manufacturing and has worked with FabLab Copenhagen and other Danish institutions to bring this technology closer to people. His goal is to spread the knowledge among his peers and encourage creativity. You can find more about his work on or

We are damn excited about this, we hope you are too. But if not, just drop by the 3D printer and we can guarantee that is going to be a good love story.