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03/16/2015 | By Adrian Agafitei

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Smart2Pay is a Payment Service Provider specializing in internet payments since 2002. Our head office is based in Amsterdam area (Holland); we have offices in Spain, Brazil, USA and Romania. We have partnered with many banks and financial institutions all over the world. We are a one stop shop for leading Merchants selling goods or services over the internet globally. We help internet merchants that need to increase sales and collect funds from consumers globally, by providing a solution that gives them access to the best local alternative payment methods in the world.

One of Smart2Pay’s specialty is turning browsers into buyers: There is a demonstrated correlation between the number of localized payment methods offered and increased customer conversion rates. However, thinking global and acting local can be a challenge in such a diverse and complex industry: Multiple payment methods are key to revenue growth.

Smart2Pay is privately owned licensed financial institution. After its inception it started adding alternative payment methods to meet their initial merchants’ needs. It offers full service provisioning, including collection, reconciliation and reporting for all payment methods.

The latest Smart2Pay product is the GlobalPay platform which enabled them to offer access to over 200 payment methods in over 85 countries, through one technical integration and one contract.

Smart2Pay also helps merchants boost their revenue: Smart2Pay can help your company to increase its international market share significantly by enabling you to provide your customers and distributors with the ability to pay with their preferred payment method and local currency, which in many cases is not a credit card. Online merchants have access to many (alternative) payment options ranging from online bank transfer (real-time), local regular bank transfer (intraday reporting), ATM payments, Cash Payments, local E-wallet (real-time), Mobile payments (real-time) to Credit and Debit Card processing.

GlobalPay covers all important payment options over the world in one go and is simple to integrate and maintain, while providing maximum security and scalability.

GlobalPay's offers three integration flavors through just one API:

  • The first one is a simple hosted payment page to which the merchant simply redirects the customer to make the purchase.
  • The second flavor consists of a semi-hosted payment page, where the customer has some information pre-selected like Country/Language/Method and Smart2Pay collects the specific information required for each payment method.
  • The third integration flavor is a seamless integration, where method selection is done on the merchant's page and the customer is redirected to the payment provider without seeing Smart2Pay's pages.

With an in-house IT development team, Smart2Pay is the leading provider of alternative payment methods in the world adding on average 2-3 methods every 2 months. Smart2Pay uses the latest technologies available to be able to offer high uptime and the flexibility required for any fast paced internet business.

The hosted payment page can be shown in an iFrame and is optimized for mobile. Merchants can operate more websites under the same account and track transactions to their respective websites and also merchants can be settled to different accounts based on where the transaction came from.

A feature very helpful for merchants is the possibility to offer refunds no matter what the payment method used to make the purchase was. This Generic Refund option is unique to Smart2Pay, as some of the most popular alternative payment methods do not have native refund option.

Smart2Pay also provides extensions for Magento, Opencart and Prestashop, which are the most used ecommerce carts on the market. Merchants who use these open-source shopping carts can easily get access to over 200 payment methods by just installing their extensions and notifying Smart2Pay.

As part of its service portfolio, Smart2Pay offers currency conversion of sales volumes collected in up to 150 local currencies into a desired remittance currency. This enables you as a merchant to conduct your business worldwide with fixed, negotiated foreign exchange currency conversion fees, leading to a reduced FX risk for globally collected revenues. In short: Smart2Pay’s FX currency conversion service minimizes treasury costs, reduces currency conversion risk, and lets you benefit from economies of scale.

Merchants increase revenues and cut costs by partnering with Smart2Pay; Smart2Pay’s knowledge of the international payment landscape and local payment preferences uniquely qualifies it to advise your company on how to increase online conversion rates, expand distribution channels, and streamline back office matching and reconciliation processes.

Currently Merchants of Smart2Pay can use from over 200 real alternative payment methods in over 85 countries, through one integration and one contract and get the benefits of boosting sales, increasing profits and pleasing customers.