Final round of Startup Weekend Mures 3rd edition

05/24/2015 | By Monica Cacina

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In the final round we have 9 teams. Here it is a short description of each one.

  • aStory - Educational platform for creating digital stories for kids

  • City Assist - Social CRM for Independent Service Providers

    City Assist

  • Ferma pe net - Farmers' market meet online grocery

  • Hyperion - Shed Light - Intelligent system that builds psychological profiles

  • life4cats - Everything you need for your cat

  • MILLIONAIRE APP - An expensive app for millionaires that will work at self esteem
  • Moments Counts  -Turn chip devices into photo frames & instant send images from km to them.
  • Smart Home - Home Automation and Internet of Things implementation

  • Thelp - An easy to use and secure online platform for getting your place cleaned