Fortech as Platinum Sponsor @swmures

05/04/2015 | By Monica Cacina

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1. Why have you decided to support Startup Weekend?

Startup Weekend is “home” to many talented people with an entrepreneurial mind. We are happy to support both internal and external such programs that foster innovation, exchange of ideas and co-creation of tech products and startups.

It’s a path we have ourselves walked. Moving from the clean sheet of paper to the forefront of IT services and now expanding our business to include software product development has been a journey with many key lessons. Hence our decision to support Statup Weekend and other similar initiatives.

2. Tell us more about your initiative Seed For Tech. What is it and why now?

Our interest in software product development coupled with the level of business maturity we have now achieved in terms of stability, expertise, management and brand positioning are determinant factors which led us to build Seed For Tech.

Shortly, this is an investment structure through which we provide seed funding, product development and go to market support to early stage companies and founders. Basically we partner with them in building the new venture.

With Seed For Tech, we are looking forward to interact and partner with founders and programs like Startup Weekend. The effervescence and creative bravery that surround those 54 hours of pitching and coding is amazing and we definitely want to be part of it.

Company Profile:

Repeatedly included in Deloitte rankings of the fastest growing technology companies in Central Europe and EMEA, Fortech is one of the most dynamic and rapidly growing software services companies in Romania.

Fortech team currently numbers about 450 software development and QA engineers, experienced in essentially all major technology areas (.NET, Java, C/C++, PHP, Mobile etc.), several niche technologies (Cobol, Teamcenter etc.), manual and automated testing.

The value we add results from a proven experience in building dedicated partnerships, strong internal processes and highly skilled IT professionals with quality-driven mindset.

Hundreds of projects successfully delivered to more than 100 clients in Europe and the USA (among which T-Systems, Symantec, Pfizer Vienna eMarketing Centre and Renault Technocentre France) recommend Fortech as a reliable and trusted partner for the long term needs of our clients.