Get to know all about Startup Weekend :)

04/26/2015 | By Pal Zsolt

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Startup Weekend Targu Mures

May 22nd, 2015

Our very own edition is getting closer and closer by the day, and to help everyone get a better idea about what we're doing, here are some informational videos, along with what the event is all about, to introduce you to the event, the gathering, the experience, the Startup Weekend.

First of all, ideas are pitched, then they are voted, and those that won get worked on, the good thing is, you can bring a team and a great idea, so you know that your idea will have a real chance of getting somewhere.

Then the work starts, the ideas are validated, a business model is created, plans are made, and the elbow grease starts pouring.

In the end, the ideas get judged, prizes are awarded, and a party takes place. :)