So…who are the winners this time?

05/24/2015 | By Monica Cacina

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The party is now over. We know we always say this, but boy oh boy is it SOOOO hard to choose the winners each fortnight. The level of work is amazing. It is near impossible to pick just a few entries as winners. All of us find it VERY VERY hard and hope that you do not get discouraged and continue to join us in future challenges!

  • 1st: Ferma pe net
  • 2nd: THelp
  • 3rd: Hyperion
  • Best Tech: HomeON (aka SmartHome)
  • Best Design: Hyperion
  • Most Fun: Life4cats

We hope you are all having a fun time, just as we all are. CONGRATULATIONS to all of you! Please claim your prizes in maximum 5 days.