Countdown has started! Next batch of mentors announced!

11/12/2014 | By Kristine Varga

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There are only 3 days left until the big event!  Let me introduce you to the next batch of cool mentors that are going to help you get your startup up and running!

f7b1b897928441d49c46250873fcac36Silviu Runceanu

Visual UX+UI Designer

Visual UX+UI Designer with more than a decade of experience. Works with countless Startups all over the world.


8f4091084305429e89e4965aece935e8Irina Marinescu

Marketing Strategist

Irina has 9 years experience in Product & Marketing Strategy and worked with Top 3 Internet Goods companies.

3ce313296b13983379aa65b8f4eafc97Marius Mocian

Head of Sales @ HipMenu

Marius is head of sales at hipMenu, the marketplace for food delivery at you office and home. They are present in Cluj-Napoca and just launched in Timisoara, planning to expand in all Romania and beyond. He is an active member of Cluj-Napoca's startup community, mentoring different startups in the region. He can help you with sales, business development and business strategy.

5ef8bcbf8c5a4d78bb2e45293ba281a4Grigorios Chatzikostas

Business Development Manager in BioSense Center

Grigoris works as a Business Development Manager in BioSense Center, trying to set up win-win collaborations among researchers, ICT companies and end-users. His experience includes writing (sometimes successful) proposals for EU funding and coordinating large-scale projects for the introduction of ICTs in agriculture and environmental monitoring. In the past 12 years he has managed projects of total value of ~30 mEUR. If you meet him in person, he will immediately start pitching about his current project, FRACTALS, an accelerator for SMEs and startups, which offers 50-150 kEUR (equity-free!) to teams with the best ideas for apps in the agrifood domain. He dreams of a world where geeks and farmers speak the same language…

b313800660d44b639d9a982a50ba25e9Calin Brandabur

CEO and Founder

Entrepreneur, engineer, inventor, senior software architect, software development workflow analyst with over 15 years experience in software industry, working with several fortune 500 companies, bootstrapped several start ups all over the world mainly United States of America.

So? Did you get your ticket?

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