Questions, anybody?

09/24/2019 | By Iasmina Stoianovic

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,,To ask may be but a moment's shame, not to ask and remain ignorant is a lifelong shame. “ - Jigoro Kano

Do you have any questions about SW #7? We can’t wait to hear them! Do not consider your curiosity less important and don’t hesitate to ask. We searched for the most useful, interesting questions and we gathered them together to make sure that you’ll be prepared for the adventure that is coming. 🤩 Techstars Startup Weekend Timișoara lies just around the corner! 🔜 Make sure you are ready by taking a look at the FAQ section below! 👀

1.Do I have to participate all three days?

Everyone who attends the event is expected to participate all three days. This is important not only to preserve the ‘vibe’ of the weekend (“no talk, all action”) but also to minimize distractions/disruptions for working teams. 

2.Do I need a team?

Everyone who attends the event as an attendee is expected to participate on a team and you can find your team at the event. This is important to preserve the mission of Techstars Startup Weekend (teamwork!). 

3.How do I prepare? 

* Do some research. Market research and background information will give you a better understanding of the problem you trying to solve.

* Practice your pitch. You'll have 60 seconds to persuade other attendees to join your team. Make it clear, concise, and convincing!

* Get familiar with our tools for the weekend, head over to

* Get some rest.

* Bring a friend! Events are better with good company.

4.What should I bring?

* Power cord

* Business cards

* Camera – take pictures and video!

* Optional: A second monitor, keyboard, etc…. set yourself up to be productive!

* Lots of creative energy!

5.What types of ideas can I pitch?

Any business ideas are eligible (whether for profit, ‘social’ businesses, nonprofit organizations, etc.), however the event is strongly tech-oriented. Approximately 95% of all ideas are mobile or web focused, and given the short time-frame, we strongly recommend that even non-tech ideas focus on a tech-related deliverable (i.e., website) by Sunday.

6.Can I pitch my existing business?

No. Techstars Startup Weekend is designed to be the most effective platform for growing new businesses from the ground up over the course of a weekend. A key facet of the weekend - and a central value for participants - is the spirit of complete collaboration, buy-in, and ownership. We’ve found that having existing businesses in the mix undermines this spirit, in addition to creating an imbalance between those ideas that are truly ground-level.

7.What are we supposed to have accomplished by the end of the weekend?

While there are no specific requirements in terms of what teams should have accomplished by Sunday, it’s in your best interest to plan your execution around what you’ll be judged for on Sunday:

*Customer Validation (did you validate your business?)

*Execution and Design (what did you build?)

*Business Model (do you have a plan for the future?)

As far as presenting goes, some of the most common presentations include any combination of the following (in no particular order):

Wireframes or fully developed website;

Mobile Apps (from mock-ups to skeletons to fully functional)

Slide decks (Powerpoint, Keynote, Prezi, etc.)

Videos (i.e. product demonstrations, etc.)

Live product demos