Gamma Ray, the Marketing Captain at SWTimisoara

03/25/2015 | By Ana Maria Radu

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Gamma Ray: extremely short-wavelength and energetic electromagnetic radiation.

Ladies and gents, in the well-known playful tone we introduce you another extraordinary skillful Startup Weekend Timișoara mentor, Irina Marinescu!

Rumour has it she has endless energy when it comes to her biggest passion, the ever-changing Marketing field. Her deep comprehension of the subject has been powerful enough to introduced her into several spatial dimensions: Marketing Strategy, Serial Entrepreneurship and Startup Mentorship.

When on Earth, cats and coffee lift her up to space and back. Another rumour: she turns into a cat whenever possible.

As a matter of fact, she plans to have a stopover at our pre-event to let you know what's the deal with space & startups. On the 26th of March, at the inspiring Ambasada, of course.


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