Meet the Mentors: Eduard Boka

05/18/2017 | By Gabriel Minca

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Meet Eduard, one of the mentors you’ll meet at the 6th edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara. His area of expertise includes leadership, marketing skills and knowledge about how to create a better future for ourselves. He will help you find the inner problem you want to actually resolve and make you see the startup from a different perspective. Together you’ll pivot your idea until you’ll be sure you’ll want to spend all your time on it. Also, he will share his experience with failed projects that he made, the importance of those and the experience he got creating products that saved millions of dollars for his clients.

Eduard is the manager of Demoki Interactive, a group of companies united under the same goal: to create digital solutions used by thousands of people. One of the best projects he made is coPrinted, a service that empowers the users to create the most amazing and affordable printable PDF files with ease. The users can select from a variety of designs and add other colors, fonts and pictures to make it personal.

Working also as a web developer for a long period of time, Eduard is the combination of a code machine and a manager with a creative, free spirit. He loves technology, marketing and to explore new ideas in the hunt for the next big service or product.

We are proud to have Eduard on our side, as a mentor and Demoki Interactive as a silver partner.

We are sure you want to meet Eduard so don’t hesitate and book your early ticket while you can.