Startup Weekend Timisoara #5 is on!

04/16/2016 | By Andrada Olteanu

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Guys and girls, yesterday was an awesome Friday where we met our amazing participants which had a bunch of great and fresh business ideas. There were a total of 16 pitches. Everything was live streamed.

Here is a link where you can rewatch it on our facebook page.

Let’s have a look at the ideas that were chosen to validate, worked on and presented on Sunday evening. You’ll be able to reserve a spot for the final presentations here.

1. Be more functional - is all about improving fitness experience;

2. Thumb work- is a multiplayer video game on iOS;

3. Smart ticket- want to help improve transportation, make it easier for people; 

4. Language Helper - all about new and fun ways you can learn a new language;

5. Money - these guys want to create an app for managing your money. The MONEY BOT lines in your messenger;

6. Smart Assistant - app that helps you to organize your time;

7. Biro - making bureaucracy easier.

Pitches from Startup Weekend Timisoara #5

You can also take a peek on all the teams which participate here.

We are excited to see what the participants are gonna create during this weekend.

We wish them lots of luck!