#SWTimisoara: The Jettison

05/10/2015 | By Ana Maria Radu

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co

Jettison: to cast (cargo, supplies, etc.) overboard or out so

 as to lighten or stabilize a vessel or aircraft in an emergency.

Payload_fairing_jettisonWe've had quite an enthusiastic liftoff on Friday evening at the opening of Startup Weekend Timisoara 4th edition. As you would expect, a rain of information fell down on everyone; names, terms, faces, ideas--it poured on us. All for the best: we got connected, we've shared our 1 million dollars ideas and most of all, we've learned by doing.

Saturday came with the speed of light. Breakfast, coffee, chit-chat, then off to work. The 9 teams were still trying to figure out their way through. The business model canvas was still a headache generator. Some have migrated to other groups; most have polished their initial ideas and managed to implement bits of it.

It was time to jettison the bad and incorporate the good--they needed a serious mentoring session. The 9 mentors have advised the teams in marketing, tech and design issues. They have even challenged them to get to customer validation without having the product ready. And some of the teams succeeded: GoLivery has actually earned money!


The outcome of the mentoring session was easy to observe. The venue at #SWTimisoara has also contributed to this. Ambasada feels like home--you can either focus in a corner of the room, join the team work or have a chilled conversation outside the terrace.

The evening was booked for entertainment. A dinner on the Bega river bank  and a stroll in the city center prolonged our quality time together. But of course, it wouldn't have been a true Startup Weekend experience without a party! Some beers and 80-90s remixes have concluded a productive day.

It's Sunday, so this means we're getting closer to the end of our journey. Stay tuned to find out how the story ends!