Why tickets, what am I paying for?

09/18/2019 | By Andrei Munteanu

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co


First of all, congrats, you've made it here! So you found out what Startup Weekend is about and now you're wondering WHY should you attend or why should you BUY a ticket to do so?

To answer that, we'll need to dive into the WHAT are you getting for your money:

    • a FULL weekend's worth of networking with co-founders, local and international mentors. Organized meeting sessions with the mentors included!
    • you'll be working within the weekend using the Startup Weekend framework, that has kickstarted a few great startups [link]
    • everything will be ready (location, wi-fi, stationery, printed lean canvases) together with delicious meals so that you can just... WORK IT.
    • a workshop or two on How To Pitch and Lean Canvas

Now to come back to the WHY. Well, do you have an idea you've been itching to pitch? Or do you want to find out more about this whole startup world from ideation to validation (or pivoting)? Or just want to meet people, network and then have the proper network to work on your own thing afterward?

You can leverage all of the above and much more just by actively joining the 7th edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara, right now for the cost of two cocktails and a bag o chips :-)

Are you in?

Tickets ---> http://bit.ly/SWTimisoara7Tickets

FB Invite & share the event --->  http://bit.ly/SWTimisoara1517Nov

This will be THE product/innovation/startup/business/hackathon of the year in Timisoara. Looking forward to seeing all the geeks, geekettes, business people, designers, domain experts, people with ideas or just curious on the 15th of November!