Awesome facilitator for an amazing event!

02/17/2016 | By Andrada Olteanu

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Amazing people, we have a big surprise for you, on this edition we’ll have an awesome facilitator and she is Kathleen Fritzsche. A facilitator is a person who contributes to the fulfillment of a need.  This means that she is the Superwoman.

 Kathleen Fritzsche facilitatoris from Germany and she has interests in various fields such as: marketing, social media, foreign languages (she knows 6 languages) and sociolinguistics. From her interests in marketing and management, she co-founded Accelerate Stuttgart, the first accelerator program for startups from Stuttgart. She has also been active as a Startup Weekend organizer, speaker and facilitator since 2013.

On the 2nd of March, she'll be joining us, virtually, from Stuttgart for the pre-event.

For more info about the pre-event, check here:

If you wanna see her awesomeness rock on stage, join us for the 5th edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara!

You can book your seat here: