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04/03/2016 | By Andrada Olteanu

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Steven Sudy Startup Weekend Timisoara#5

Because we like to keep the blood pumping, we've continued the mentor interview series with Steven Südy the co-founder of Laborom. He has shared his thoughts with us on startup world and beyond.

What’s your background in the startup world?

Steven: I launched, worked in, consulted and mentored numerous startups in the last 6 years. Currently I’m a co-founder and CMO of Laborom, which is a patient centric mobile medical data organizer.

What’s your opinion regarding startup environment in CEE?

Steven: There is a lot of buzz in the CEE startup ecosystem, but this is a cliché that everyone keeps repeating. In the past few years more and more people started seeing entrepreneurship as an alternative lifestyle to working in multinationals or in the public sector. Or even to waiting in bars and restaurants. This is really great progress. However, I see two problems why startups haven’t flourished as much as they could have in the region. First being education. I talk to many (probably around a hundred) startups every year, and the returning issue is that they still have very little knowledge on how to create a business from scratch. Sure, they can build a service or a product, they can establish a company, they may be even able to market it, but there is so much more to introducing a new product to the market that they are not aware of. This is why Startup Weekend is a great initiative to help startups achieve success. The second issue I see in the CEE startup ecosystem is the lack of seed funding. This is a huge gap that needs to be filled. Many startups can bootstrap until they reach seed stage, but once they reach that point it can be very hard to scale without proper financial backing and good connections, which an ideal investor can provide.

How did you came with the idea for Laborom?

Steven: I wasn’t part of the original founding team. My two friends of 15 years started Laborom 2 years ago and they asked me to jump on board last July. My friends have a lot of experience and knowledge in the healthcare industry. They founded the Association for Sustainable Healthcare with which they organised prominent healthcare conferences and meetups. A returning topic was the issue that people are not in possession of their own health data. If I need to see a doctor in London the doctor needs to question me about my whole medical history. This takes a lot of time and can be inaccurate and insufficient for proper solutions. My two co-founders, Botond and Levente, decided to build Laborom to give to people their medical data.

Tell us a funny story about you :)

Steven: When I was around 11 years old my class prepared a song for a Christmas celebration at the school I was attending. We came up with an adaptation of “Twelve Days Of Christmas” for our school. Everyone had to sing the verse they wrote. I wrote the first verse. At the Christmas celebration in the auditorium filled with 1200 people I drew a blank. I couldn’t remember a word from my verse; I just stood there in silence in front of more than a thousand people.

Because of this I hated talking in front of people for many years. Now I do public speaking and presentations regularly, and have tremendous success with pitch coaching. :)

Do you have any advice for Startup Weekend participants?


What are your superpowers?

Steven: Pitch coaching, content marketing, customer discovery