Ideas pitched over time at Startup Weekend Timisoara

04/01/2016 | By Andrada Olteanu

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This week we will talk about the previous Startup Weekend Timisoara editions ideas which made it up to Sunday's final pitch. Some of them won, most of them were interesting and other were materialized.

First Edition (20 September 2013)


Is a mobile app based on the skeleton of language learning apps that implements a new way of learning medicine based on solving clinical cases at the same time with having the disease explained.


SURGE is a new take on the (old and familiar) tale of the classic search function. We develop an out-of-the box, plug-and-play search solution targeted at online shops (e-commerce websites) that they can easily add to their websites in order to help consumers find products faster. Surge won the 3rd place on the first edition of SWTimisoara.

SWTimisoara 1st Edition

Second Edition (4 April 2014)


This team is working on developing a SAAS email manager featuring several complementary features such as collaborative e-mailing and real time e-mail editing, gmail and drive, all-in-one. 4 programmers, 2 designers, 1 business developer and 2 marketers have joined to build Enveloper. They also enjoy the participation of an awesome 9 year-old creative director! They were the 3rd placed winners.

My Team Agenda

My Team Agenda wishes to be an online sales management platform that allows the sales agent to introduce data exactly from the field using any device. Its special feature is to transform task delegation to task-assuming o  based on heart-intelligent-leadership. 4 programmers, as much marketeers and 2 designers form the MTA team.

SWTimisoara 2nd Edition

Third Edition (14 November 2014)

Visit In Time

Visit in Time is a service (website and mobile apps) allowing travelers to plan the best visit in a short period of time from an airport, hotel or any location. We will provide you the best spots to visit based on your time available, preferences and social data. Our locations are curated by local expert to provide not only the best experience but enjoy the secrets of each town you will be visiting. Visit in Time won the 1st place of Global Startup Weekend Timisoara.

Food Book

Our team is creating a great web and mobile application through you can have a visibility of all the menu in the restaurant, order the food, pay it directly by your card and when you get in the restaurant you are directly served!

SWTimisoara 3rd Edition

Fourth Edition (8 May 2015)

Hey Waiter

In order to provide a solution for the fast ordering, we created an mobile web app used for crowded pubs or coffee shops to use while they encounter rush hours.


Give us your shopping list, and it becomes our order! We will make the delivery in under 1 hour!  After the event, the motivated team continued working on their idea. They were the lucky 3rd place winners.

SWTimisoara 4th Edition

We believe that this edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara will bring creative people with innovative ideas which are going to rock the West part of Romania.

Check all the ideas here.