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04/01/2016 | By Andrada Olteanu

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Mircea Vadan Mentor SWTimisoara#5

Meet Mircea Vadan, our amazing mentor who will be present at the 5th edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara. He has a vast experience regarding startups. We talked to him and this is what we had found out:

  1. What impact do you think Startup Weekend has in Romania?

    Mircea: Startup Weekend reached Romania in 2011 and since then it grew in 7 cities, with recurrent editions each year for almost all these cities. At that time, the ecosystem was in a very early stage and few people heard about startups or even doing startups. So, Startup Weekend managed to fuel a lot of interest and new people for the ecosystem. Also, part of the winning startups proved to be worthy of getting investment or participating in various accelerators, a few of them became solid businesses, most known being Clever Taxi.

  2. What are you current projects?

    Mircea: Currently I’m involved in supporting the local community through projects like Cluj Startups and Startup Weekend Cluj. I’m also mentoring a few startup founders and helping in Spherik Accelerator and Innovation Labs Cluj. As a money-making activity, I’m consulting companies who want to launch their tech products and grow their businesses.

  3. How was your experience at TechPeaks accelerator with your startup, Momly?

    Mircea: TechPeaks was really useful from the perspective of the mentors brought in, many of them from US, they came with valuable startup experience. Their feedback had also opened our eyes regarding the possible growth issues and effort involved beyond our local market. Being there with dozens of other startups was really valuable as well, seeing how they go through the similar processes, sharing and learning from their experiences. It is a peer-to-peer support that in accelerators you can find much easier than elsewhere.

  4. What did you learn from the lifecycle of Momly?

    Mircea: Basically Momly was a spinoff from UseTogether and many things that we didn’t know while working on UseTogether, we managed to apply while working at Momly: customer validation process, interviews with users, product definition based on customer needs, monetization process, many topics related to community growing, engagement. Bottom line, we thought much more about the business case and its potential, acting based on grounded conclusions. By the way, some of the lessons learned at Momly, can be read here.

  5. What are your superpowers?

    Mircea: I can’t disclose them all as the secret services will track me down and use them for their own purposes :-)

    The Secret Services tracked Mircea down and found out that his superpower consists of helping the teams to prepare the “perfect pitch”.