Non-loco can be loco for a weekend

03/15/2016 | By Andrada Olteanu

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We have a surprise for all of you who sailed the 7 seas to be part of this year’s edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara.

We've partnered up with West University of Timisoara   and thus we have the opportunity to accommodate non-local participants for an entire weekend in their famous dorms. Yes people, for those of you who aren’t living in Timisoara and still want to join our super Startup Weekend Timisoara event on 15-17 of April, you’ll have a place to crash.

The accommodation ticket is free, you can book it together or after you buy your ticket to the event.

There are only a limited number of 15 tickets available. Get your ticket to Startup Weekend Timisoara and also book your accommodation  as soon as possible.

Because this event means networking and fun you’ll be staying in a 5 bedroom dorm.

Where can you book this accommodation ticket?

It’s easy! When you get your ticket to Startup Weekend Timisoara, you’ll have to check the accommodation ticket (which is limited to 1).

After paying for your ticket, you’ll see there’ll be displayed 2 tickets, but don’t worry, the second ticket is your accommodation.