The place where magic happens

03/08/2016 | By Andrada Olteanu

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There is one place where dreams come true, where you can go and meet wonderful people with whom you can spend plenty of time without noticing it flying.

Yes, this place really exists and it’s called AmbasadaIt has a special vibe that makes it so brilliant for both important and casual meetings.

We’ve chosen the same venue for this year’s edition of Startup Weekend because we were hypnotized by it’s awesomeness. Last year, everybody was fascinated by it's greatness. All the teams worked peacefully and had the greatest coffee available at the times of need. On our previous blog post we presented your feedback and according to that everybody was on the same page regarding the place.

The upper part of venue is opened for various events from “DIY" workshops, movie nights, concerts to company meetings. This place is excellent for those who want to do networking but you can also work in peace and quiet. It’s a perfect environment for great ideas.

Downstairs, you are surrounded by friendliness and warmth. The coffee scent along with delicious treats will complete the image of a wonderful day.

On the left side, is the “serious” room where formal greetings take place. Here is the place where things are created.

Not to mention that Ambasada’s staff is made out of friendly and open-minded people who really know how to create a great atmosphere.

You are able to feel the harmony of this place just by passing by. If you don’t believe us, you can pay them a visit anytime and see for yourself.

#SWTimisoara team over and out!