Coming to Košice?

04/03/2015 | By Ladislav Kužma

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Coming to Košice?

There are many interesting facts about Košice. First, it´s the metropolis of East Slovakia. Also, it´s pretty old and multi-cultural.


In the 13th century after the Mongol invasion, Hungarian King Bela IV invited Germans to settle in depopulated areas around Kosice. It was the start of the region becoming a melting pot of Eastern Europe with Germans, Slavik tribes, and Hungarians living side-by-side. Today, many foreign students come to Košice to study at the universities and colleges in town (7 altogether, with 3 schools having detached institutes in the city).


In the past 100 years the town changed its citizenship 5 times – first it has been part of the Austria-Hungary empire, then became part of Czechoslovakia after World War One, then became part of Hungary from 1938-1945, and then became part of Czechoslovakia again until the Czech Republic and Slovakia peacefully split in 1993.

The city is kind of megalomaniac. It has the biggest church and oldest continually operating hotel in Slovakia, the biggest zoo in Central Europe, and the oldest marathon in Europe. Only 2 years ago they were the Cultural Capital of Europe and now they are running for the City of Sport 2016 title.

But most intriguingly – there are 20,000 registered businesses with only 240,000 citizens. Statistically that makes 1 of 12 people a business owner. Don´t you like these numbers? Come to Košice, enjoy its spirit and meet the upcoming generation of entrepreneurs at Startup Weekend Košice, which is by the way held under the patronage of the Mayor Richard Raši.