#swke2015: Heads up for our new platinum partner – Promiseo

03/26/2015 | By Ladislav Kužma

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co

Children Entrepreneurs is Old News in Slovakia


When you come to Startup Weekend Košice don´t be surprised to see some very young attendees. Children entrepreneurs fill the pages of news more and more often. But having children businessmen is no big news in Slovakia. Peter Šoltés started at the age of 13, quite some time ago. Now he is the owner and CEO of Promiseo, a company specializing in all things around online-marketing and web analysis.


As they say today, Promiseo is more than just a project. It is a team of young skilled experts. They are located in Košice and work mainly in Slovakia and Czech Republic. The list of their clients consists of companies working in the fields B2B or B2C and includes several international companies, start-up companies, new or running e-shops and web projects. Their solutions are tailor - made in order to meet demands of clients by combination of online marketing, IT and product evolution. Nonetheless, it took some time to get to this point so don´t hesitate too long.

We are very proud that we can co-operate with Peter and Promiseo. Thank you very much for your support and we are looking forward to meet you at the event.