#SWKE 2015: What´s going on – a mid weekend check out

04/18/2015 | By Ladislav Kužma

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#SWKE 2015: What´s going on – a mid weekend check out

For those who could not be here this week we bring little insiders info. 64 attendees, 13 mentors, 9 judges, special guests and organizers. Total of 105 people. Lots of pitches, 12 voted ideas, eventually 11 teams. Those are some raw numbers.


Couple more facts – our facilitator is from Netherlands, and we have attendees from Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Germany and even Nicaragua – but don´t worry he didn´t travel all the way from Central America, he was already in Europe, close to Slovakia. Even though one of Slovak attendees travelled all the way from Denmark to get a chance and present an idea they have with friends.

Right now teams are teasing our mentors to get all advice they can and apparently the coaches could use a little break, as they joined us in mid-morning and are wearing off. Unfortunately, the plan is to speak with every team so they better get another coffee and continue the marathon.

Otherwise the atmosphere is friendly, everybody is chatting, working, typing something on the computer – they apparently don´t realize yet how short a weekend can be. Hopefully everybody will finish on time. Check back tomorrow to hear more about our judges and winning ideas.