#SWKE 2016: Pink karma

04/09/2016 | By Ladislav Kužma

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co

My brother-in-law is all crazy about the show My name is Earl. I am trying to avoid TV as much as possible but hearing Earl I usually join. I like the main idea of the second series - karma will get you. Help all the people you were mean to in the past. If you don't do it, you will be hit by a car. But basically it's a funny show :D

I do believe in karma in the sense that what you invest will come back to you one day. You can invest in your business, in your children, other people, colleagues, students... Slovak teachers fight these days (it's been years actually) for higher salaries, but also for dissipating the differences between regional schools and for the possibility to earn extra credit for extracurricular activities with children. Because children are our future. But is it really that easy? Why don’t teachers ask the parents to pay more attention and really raise the children? Where is the appeal to young people to thoroughly plan their studies and future carrier? Who will force the leaders to make space for young generation so they can gain experience and grow in practice? The whole society has to cooperate.


Luckily, in Slovakia we have examples of best practice companies. T-Systems is one of the biggest employers in Kosice. They can shovel in the received CVs. Nonetheless, they are intensely interested in education, for years they have been offering internships and thesis consultations for university students. They are also one of first companies in Kosice to cooperate in the dual education system. Inside the company they create space for their employees to engage in their own micro projects or even independent businesses. Continuously monitoring development in the IT world they never miss an opportunity to support initiatives or public competitions such as Hackathon or Startup Weekend. Why?

The easy answer is: to find the best people and keep the most capable employees. The answer with a touch of karma: they support the whole community. They enable new initiatives and businesses. They teach kids as well as old-timers to open their minds and start new projects. And one day those might bring to T-Systems new clients or new and more experienced employees.

Well, karma will get you. It's better if you are friends with.

Written By: Dorota Liptáková