#SWKE 2016: Starting in your slippers

04/10/2016 | By Ladislav Kužma

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co

What's the best way to start a startup, project, business? Ideally, on a sofa in your slippers. It's just more comfortable :D Why, seriously, you can start a business essentially anywhere. Remember Amazon or Apple? They are referred to as garage companies for a reason. The founders of Google first met at the university and after establishing Google Inc. they opened their first office - guess where - in a garage of some woman!


Do you want a Slovak example? The biggest Slovak web hosting provider Websupport started in the founder's dorm room at Mlyny. Later they moved into a house but seeing the pictures it reminds me more of a concrete tomb. Their next office was suited in another house's cellar (!!!). The space was nicer, though. But the founder of Websupport Michal Truban admits they had been ashamed inviting clients to the office and the clients had been afraid to visit them anyway :D

Today the offices of Websupport are a different story. No wonder. They have to accommodate 45 employees with a couple more on its way. How else could the company serve the market in four different states? And some more space is needed for their never ending pranks or else they would have to take cover from the Nerf shots behind the screens of their computers.

The lesson to take from this is - when starting your project you don't need fancy offices and overpriced business cards. It's a business idea with a heart that you need in the first place. If your product answers to some problem and helps your customers, that's when you are on the right way. And there is no reason why you shouldn't be walking it in your slippers.

Written By: Dorota Liptáková