#SWKE 2016: The rule of the environment

04/12/2016 | By Dorota Liptáková

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co

Have you ever read motivational books? Just don't admit it. I know managers who are strongly against it. But I have a few such books under my belt and I realized there is one thought that repeats quite often - the environment can influence us. In the books one could find many examples of drug addicts, poor or miserable people who left their home town, community and family and became happier.

Well, it´s hard to believe these stories, but there is one slightly different thought that I personally have experienced many times: five people you meet the most determine who you are. Now, I don't mean the door keeper you walk around 4 times a day. Nor is the number 5 important. But think for a moment, who are the people you talk to the most. Who do you go out with? Whom do you ask for advice and why? Did people think that you were brothers with your best pal? My best friend and I were mistaken for twins. :P


I believe the people around us are important. Even more important is to belong to a community that will support us. You can´t find one? No problem with that. Have you realized how all around Kosice new hot spots are being created? Creative coffee shops, co-working spaces, regular business meetings. But if you think about starting your own initiative it's easier said than done.

The first centre to be build for startups was Eastcubator. I was partly involved and to this day I am wondering how the guys managed to launch it successfully. From the beginning it was up and down from enthusiasm to disappointment when looking for the right space, raising money, slightly missing the right timing, looking for new people to join in. But the founders stuck together and supported each other and in fact proved what the Eastcubator would be about even before it was open. It's about help, support and about a shared space where startups can come, meet and learn from each other and from the community.

I might not believe in American motivational tales of miraculous transformations but I do believe the power of the environment. It's a good thing we can choose who we want to meet with.