#SWKE 2016: Three growth impulses

04/12/2016 | By Dorota Liptáková

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co

The development of the society can be attributed to trade. Communities which didn't need to fight for everyday survival but were able to interact with surrounding tribes instead, exchanging goods or know-how, experienced a much faster growth. Famous ancient folks emerged from these communities. The trade and the need to record the harvest, important transactions and home accounting let to evolution of writing, education and to the establishment of institutional schooling.

Later it were the schools that enabled further growth of states and empires through preparing state officials who were needed to manage the state apparatus.

In modern history inventors and innovators created new equipment and technologies that brought more ease and quality into the life and work of people.


Trade - education - innovation. A modern society of tomorrow needs a combination of these three elements if it wants to continuously flourish. Institutions of middle and higher education are to produce educated and labour ready offspring. On the other hand especially the universities are expected to closely cooperate with the industry and develop new technologies that will help the local economies gain a position in the global marketplace. Sometimes the most important enterprises emerge from the least probable business alliances. All that is needed are the right business plan and commercial thinking.

It's a good thing that Kosice has one such institution which focuses on research and development and is always ready to help with startup iniciatives and university spin-offs. The Technical University of Kosice founded their own startup centre and every year holds a contest of the student startups. Besides that TUKE is a stable partner of the Startup Weekend Kosice, providing their facilities to the contestants for the fourth time. It will be the third time that we meet in the wonderful space of the university library.

TUKE simply interconnects all three growth aspects in the right way and we are thankful for that.

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