#swke2015: People are the key and Slovak Telekom knows that

03/14/2015 | By Ladislav Kužma

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co

People are the key and Slovak Telekom knows that


Slovak Telekom has been around for 25 years now. Growing, changing, partnering and growing some more. Their key to success? Sure, this company knows how to do business. Today they are the largest telecommunication company in Slovakia. Their diverse services are tailored for different customers. But there is more to that than this.


Slovak Telekom receives awards on a regular basis, such as Effie, SuperBrands or Via Bona Slovakia. How comes, you ask. Because they care about their people! Slovak Telekom is one of the top employers in Slovakia and they also belong to the top contestants of the Healthy Company competition.

They are a great Slovak example of corporate social responsibility for well being of their employees. And not only they care about their own people, they support individuals and communities as well.

Thanks to Slovak Telekom we will make this years´ Startup Weekend Košice better than the previous one – just like this company makes changes and grows for better every now and then. Thank you.