Born at Startup Weekend Barcelona

06/05/2015 | By Roxana Tarhon

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The Startup Weekend is the beginning point for many startups that are born during this event and afterwards continue with their activity. Of course not all the ideas become a startup and not all the startups survive, but it makes us happy to see people that pursue their goals and try to succeed with their business.

In this post we are going to talk about four of these startups:

Kantox currency exchange company

Knatox is a currency exchange company that offers SME’s and mid-caps a solution usually only available to large companies. Instead of bids and offers, the mid-market rates are displayed on their platform to provide their clients full transparency and trades can be closed in just 1 click.

Let’s say you are a company located in Europe, importing goods from China and paying your Chinese provider in US Dollars. In the Kantox marketplace, you can easily find another company, located in Europe, exporting goods to the US who has US Dollars to sell in exchange of your Euros. Like 78% of the clients using Kantox, you will probably achieve savings of more than 80% compared to your bank or broker.

Letskickin crowdgifting platform

Letskickin is a crowdgifting platform that allows users to buy group gifts in an easy, comfortable way. If you are the organizer, by using this platform you will make sure that all the group members pay their share and you can forget about having to pursue everybody.

Getting started is really easy, you create your event for free, create a money box, invite your friends and start raising money.

It’s easy, fun and safe and you won’t have to worry about choosing the best gift idea and collecting all the money.

Tutotoons educational apps platform

Tutotoons main product is a cloud-based platform allowing teachers to create and distribute interactive content for their personal lessons. With no need of programming skills, teachers are able to create interactive educational apps (games, cartoons, story books, etc.) by simply dragging and dropping items (e. g. a human heart scheme or water molecule).

Moreover, all teacher-made content is multi-platform, which means kids can access it on iOS and Android devices as well as online.

Responsea online lawyer community

Responsea is an online lawyer community that offers trustworthy legal counsel for free, connecting people with legal doubts with lawyers that can help them.

The platform pursues two objectives:

  • On the one hand it’s an efficient marketing tool for legal professionals that want to increase their online visibility and reputation. This will also help them get in touch with prospects and increase their client attraction rate. A part from this, lawyers also receive online marketing training from the platforms experts.
  •  On the other hand with this service people with legal problems receive quality legal counsel for free from collegiate layers without having to lose time. They can find the best lawyers to represent their case and interact with them using the platform.

This platform doesn’t replace the provision of paid legal services offered by the lawyers it serves to put lawyers in touch with possible clients.

So if you have a business idea don't give it a second thought and join us!