Maritime and Blue Logistics Barcelona Startup Weekend Review

05/22/2019 | By Cristina Rojas

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Barcelona hosted the 1st World Edition of Startup Weekend focused on the logistics and maritime world, with the support of Google for Entrepreneurs and Techstars bringing together entrepreneurs to solve the major challenges of the sector.

Encouraging entrepreneurship, disrupting the logistics sector and solving major challenges were the goals that this edition of Startup Weekend Barcelona aims to achieve with its Maritime & Blue Logistics edition.

Business, Developer, Designers and logistics experts became entrepreneurs this weekend in order to revolutionize the logistics sector as we know it today.

Sponsors in this edition

Before explaining more about the projects, we would like to thank all the sponsors that gave their support to our edition:

Maritime & Blue logistics’ Team

On the weekend of May 17,18 and 19, we celebrated the edition of Maritime & Blue Logistics at OneCoWork.

It was a weekend of hard work, stress, nerves, business ideas and networking.

Before commenting the startups and winners, we would like to mention the wonderful team of volunteers behind the scenes:

Zane Sipola

Logistics expert from Latvia who helped us to find the best mentors, speakers and jury members.

Jan Carbonell

Co-founder of Akademy.AI was the facilitator in this edition

Kaori Mutsuda

Biotech expert and plants lover was the logistics and food responsible.

Juan Antonio González

3D Printing Project Manager at HP and project manager in our edition too.

Cristina Rojas

Lead organizer in this edition & Marketing and business freelance for startups and entrepreneurs.  

During the weekend, 5 more volunteers came to help: Edgar Pons, Ana Sanchis and Ariadna Soto came to help all teams with all the design needs, Anna de Gea and Adrià lopez were helping us with all the last-minute stuffs.

Maritime & Blue Logistics’ startups

  •         Spotmoor: A platform to connect visitor boats who arrive in a port and members boats who leave a spot in their origin port. In other words, this project is the Airbnb of mooring. Through their app the visitor boat can check the moors availability. Great team and amazing design!.

  •         Keep it moving: Shipping industry suffers from huge inefficiencies. Because of trade imbalances, there are a lot of empty containers shipping around the world. KIM is the first digital leasing company that supplies containers at the best rates and optimizes routes.

  •         Virtual broker chain: An app which optimizes transactions and connects cargo owners with shipbrokers. Once a contract is signed, blockchain provides security and transparency.  

  •         SMRTFR8: It’s a cloud management system for shipping. Doc Fullfilment, Lack of Guiding Procedures and Mistaken Information are the pain points they want to solve with this project.

  •         Carryt: It’s a P2P platform for cross border delivery for small packages. 

The winners in this edition

  1. First Winner: Certain Dynamics

It’s the first digital insurance broker in the maritime sector. Did you know that only 15% of the cargo in Spain gets insured? Exactly! Certain Dynamics is a digital insurance 100% digital broker that provides smart risk analysis and find true and true reliable data for insurance companies and companies.

  1. Second winner: Shellock

Shellock is the first intelligent reusable lock. It allows to do the location tracking, reefer data, have a real-time alarm and access to the container.

  1. Third winner: MSEA2

They had one of the best claims: “Every square matters”. Why to send a half container when you can share with other company? They even had time to create a prototype. Visit their website:

This edition was a success

  • 54 entrepreneurs, 15 mentors, 5 jury members, 12 business ideas, 8 startups, 40 pizzas, more than 200 RedBulls and millions of coffees.
  • In a sector dominated by men, it was surprising to receive a lot of women entrepreneurs in the edition as participants. We would like to give a special mention and thank to:

  • Survival pills, 280 Lacasitos and Conguitos and 250 Estrella Damm in the closure celebration.
  • Pizzas from Domino's and RedBulls.
  • Good feedback from the jury members
  • A lot of fun and new knowledge.

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Thanks to all!