Startup Weekend Barcelona Gaming edition: work in progress…

02/14/2015 | By Xavier Fuentes

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After an intense day of presentations and idea pitches the teams have been created and now it’s time for them to work on their startup.

Even though there is still much to do we want to present you the projects the assistants are working on.

1. Fridge Quest

This is a really interesting project with a social focus that tries to prevent the waste of food by inciting people to consume the products in their fridge before expiring.

Meet the team:


@Lucaungredda; @netjoao; @Oveie; @HilaireBesse; @braggionmartina; @Startupaddictx

2. Game Lover

This is a really appropriate project for Valentine’s day. The idea is to create a website where gamers can play and meet and hopefully find love.

Meet the team:


@beagleKnight; @mariaencinar; @erikaparavisini; @CuFFyi; @rmsdesign; @romerojosep

3. Sentendo

Sentendo is a project that pretends to implement a new way of game creation by developing games that can be played from different devices. The idea is that from the game console you can access some parts of the game and from the mobile you can manage other aspects and everything helps the player get to the different stages of the game.

Meet the team:


@Sentendo; @AlejandroArrese

4.Ice Breaker

This is a platform that wants to connect people with similar interests. The platform is formed by mini chat rooms where a limited number of people can talk about a certain topic during a limited time. Once the time has expired the users can vote the participants they liked the most and if two people are interested in each others a private chat room opens so that they can get to know themselves better.

Meet the team:


@eborclasc; @oncelona;  @chelder86

5. The Third

The idea is to create a platform where online competitions for gamers can be organised. They will be able to play existing games or games that were created especially for the platform. The players will compete will people all around the world and will be able to win great prizes.

Meet the team:


@Derek_Lou; @rogermontserrat; @xaraxaritaxara; @joma_roig; @AguayoMarcos; @GMTarrago; @fcorbella

6. Playblets

Playblets is a platform for games that use the mobile as a controller allowing players to use any type of screen available: tablet, smart TV etc.

Meet the team:


@neatnait; @alvaropinot; @rubenutrillaun

7. Plantam

This is an app that pretends to bring Farmville to real life.

Meet the team:


@Raquelbarrios; @Peppelin; @zulking10

8. Wild West

A Facebook connected app that allows people to recreate a Wild West duel using the smartphone.  The fastest shooter wins.

Meet the team:


@gllmruiz; @rmestres1975; @jordiaixela

9. Voodoo Doll

This is a curious app that allows people to create a Voodoo doll of a friend or an “enemy” and create a short video where you can give the doll pain or pleasure. You can share this video on different social media platforms.

Meet the team:


@Riomoko; @merceDITAZ