Barcelona, The Next Best Place For Startups?

03/13/2014 | By laurensauser

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This article is written by Roxana Tarhon, co-organizer of Startup Weekend Barcelona

Over the past few years, Barcelona has become one of the major hot spots for entrepreneurs and startups from all over the world. Global events, such as the Mobile World Congress, have brought international thought leaders and expert minds to Barcelona over the past 8 years and they have helped convert our city in a leading example of innovation.


Barcelona is not just the mobile capital either. Last October, more than 800 technology experts and business professionals from all over the world attended the Internet of Things World Forum to envision the future of IoT. Cisco Systems chose Barcelona as its venue to develop and present their vision of an interconnected society. Our city embraces change and offered Cisco use of the entire city to test new technologies that will improve everyday life. Furthermore, a new educational program will develop specific knowledge among young people to prepare and inspire the next generation to take on game-changing scientific and entrepreneurial endeavors.

At this point, the city counts more than 400 high-growth startups and it has created an attractive ecosystem for entrepreneurs from all over the world. We are talking about an international city that is opening its doors to receive talent and it’s hungry for new ideas.

It’s the ideal place to start such an adventure for many reasons: Economic resurgence: It’s no secret that the last six years have been possibly the worst economic crisis in Spain’s history. While there’s still a long way to go to full recovery, Barcelona has shown promising growth in critical sectors and the timing is right to get in early and start your next venture.

Good climate: if you live in Barcelona you can be sure that you will be enjoying sunny days almost the entire year and it doesn’t matter if you prefer the beach or the mountain because you’ll have everything close by.

Great gastronomy: some of the most famous chefs in the world are Spanish and the Mediterranean food is absolutely delicious. In fact, entrepreneurs across the world are honing in on Barcelona for this reason alone.

Booming Tourism: Barcelona has produced almost double-digit growth in tourism for the last 8 quarters. Good climate and great food don’t just have to be your reason for living here, they can actually be a part of your startup’s main value proposition.

High quality of life: Barcelona is an affordable and unique city. You’ll get to meet interesting people from all around the world, go to unbelievable parties (Sonar anyone?) and enjoy the collision of cultures in a cosmopolitan setting.

From an economic and legal point of view, Spanish authorities are introducing new laws in order to support entrepreneurs and their startups. It still takes some time and money to create a new business, but there are plenty of places where you can reach out for key information.

Barcelona Activa is a good place to get a free assessment on how to get started, find co-working spaces and receive all the help you need to build your next project.

As for startup capital, more and more national and international investors are coming to Barcelona to look for their next startup to invest in. The entrepreneurial community is growing like crazy here and platforms like Barcinno are very useful to stay up-to-date with the latest information, news and events related to startups in Barcelona.

We truly believe that Barcelona is the place to create a startup and that is why we encourage all of the entrepreneurs that have an idea and want to present it, to join Startup Weekend Barcelona that will take place March 28th the Mobile World Center, since the Mobile World Capital foundation is giving our event its full support.

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We are positive that everyone who decides to join us will enjoy a memorable experience and fall in love with our great city! Here we leave you with a preview of what you will find in Barcelona!