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04/08/2015 | By Raul Jimenez Ortega

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From: Rubén Utrilla's experience

Saturday, February 14. Valentine’s Day 2015. What shall we do? We usually go to a restaurant, have a fancy dinner, spend time with our couple… All that typical stuff we do on that special date. But not us, not us event lovers and entrepreneurs, we (and when I say “we” I’m referring to me and my two friends and partners Carlos Bermejo and Álvaro Pinot) decided to buy tickets to Barcelona Startup Weekend and let me say that it was a great decision.

We began our journey on Friday at 10:00 from Madrid and after a great six hours travel by car, while we discussed what we wanted to present in the one minute pitch, we arrived at Barcelona, tired and just in time to find the right place and begin to know the people that were already there. In about an hour I discovered that the event was in english and my pitch was made in spanish (I’m usually a bit clueless). In for a penny, in for a pound I asked to be the first pitch and was elected as one of the most voted idea (between about nineteen ideas).

One of the things I liked the most was the team we formed all around the idea. Besides the three of us, all technical profiles, we find a deutch managing partner of B&W, a marketing student really promising, a board games creator and a korean designer who has been travelling around the world participating in all Startup Weekends he could (about twelve by that time!)

Could you imagine how excited were we to talk between ourselves to think that we could come back to Madrid in that moment and we will still be glad about the experience? That were our final thoughts on Friday before the tiredness took us out in the hotel room.

Saturday was the hard working day. Carry on with our tasks, getting to know the team, beginning to formulate the final idea, exchanging contacts with the rest of the participants… One of the best moments was the visit of the mentors and coaches, as a matter of fact it was the birthday of one of them, and how they exposed their thoughts about our project. Some more directly, some with more patiently… But all of them really useful to continue improving the projects.

Sunday. Final day. Time to show the rest of the teams, and the jury, the results of our hard work during all weekend. Only five minutes pitching and another 4 to answer the questions of the jurors. All the projects were amazing and I could only imagine the big decisions the jury had to do to decide who were the winners of the Startup Weekend. Fortunately we were one of the winners!

With the weekend full of new people, business opportunities and such a great weekend behind our back we did not doubt when the Barcelona Organization team asked us if we wanted to be put in contact with our friends here in Madrid who were organizing the same experience in our city. Just for you to enjoy as much as we did!

So, if we were able to do twelve hours in car just to go to Barcelona Startup Weekend, why won’t you come to Madrid Startup Weekend the 17th of April? We will welcome you to one of the best weekend you could spend!

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