Startup Weekend Madrid strikes back again on April'2015!!!

03/23/2015 | By Miguel Angel Calero Fern‡ndez

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Madrid is well-known as an international hub between Europe and America, so we'd like to foster the english-speaken entrepreneurial community with an english-preferred Startup Weekend Madrid, April, 17-19th. You'll find every detail in

As you may know, Startup Weekend is an 54-hour event for developers, designers, marketers and entrepreneurs to discover your own "way of the startup" (credits to Tetuan Valley) in some kind of emotional rollercoaster, all of this accompanied by a bunch of geeks-like-you and well-acknowledge coaches that will guide you in the discovering of problems, solutions, products and markets with that four words in your mind "NO TALK, ALL ACTION". Maybe, after that, you'll take a NEXT step with Mario and Manuel...

Till then, we got inspired with the post 54-hours spent with entrepreneurial strangers: 10 lessons from Startup Weekend from Andrea Martins and her ten lessons from Startup Weekend:

  1. Stop telling yourself what you want to believe
  2. Get to the better idea, faster
  3. Facebook and Twitter would never have won a Startup Weekend
  4. Social Media won’t win it for you
  5. There’s a reason that teamwork includes the word “work”
  6. Expect Harold Holt, not Harry Houdini
  7. No two in-house mentors will agree
  8. Your local startup community needs you
  9. Don’t let a bad egg spoil your weekend
  10. It’s like a candy store for creative thinkers

At last, you will wonder how the hell you were working for the whole weekend with such an exploding energy... and by monday, you'll miss that... ¿are we crazy?

¡We want you for Startup Weekend Madrid!