Global Startup Weekend Sustainable Revolution, Stockholm Edition

05/13/2019 | By Peggy Poon

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June 14th-16th, Ekskäret Klustret, Stockholm

All around the world, more than 50 cities will welcome thousands of people to sow the seeds for a better future. Local initiatives are together creating a global impact - a big movement towards a sustainable world!

Create a worldwide movement on sustainability!

Environmental sustainability has become one of the biggest challenges humanity is facing.

We really believe entrepreneurship is a key to move towards a sustainable society. By encouraging entrepreneurs all around the world to focus on sustainability issues, we can find the best solutions and quickly create a better environment for everyone!


Global Startup Weekend Sustainable Revolution (#GSWSR) is an international initiative, coordinated by a Paris-based team and organized by amazing teams located on all five continents. 

Our benevolent action hope to change the world with the collective strength over 2 weekends: June 14-16 and 21-23, 2019. Here in Stockholm, we will host the event on June 14-16th!

More than 50 cities around the world are in the starting blocks to spread the movement all from Sacramento to Bangalore, with a huge detail; All cities are committing to put a zero waste organisation in place. This makes the movement the biggest sustainable entrepreneurial celebration around the world!

With the global mindset, a final contest is prepared to take place on social network in July, 2019. We will keep you posted, so stay tuned!

Encourage disruption for a better future

Startup Weekend is a worldwide community for entrepreneurship and therefore a perfect way to reach this goal. By spurring Startup Weekends on sustainability worldwide: we can gather communities of entrepreneurs and other people interested in it, and thus engage people on positive impact projects.

This edition will reunite thousands participants led by the will to create, step up, inspire and be inspired. Furthermore, it will also give them the opportunity to realize that they are all change makers.

During these 2 weekends, we will invite participants to develop solutions around the major challenges proposed by #GSWSR

- Build eco-conceived products & reverse planned obsolescence

- Upcycle

- Substitute the disposable by the sustainable

- Foster local production and local distribution

- Reduce food waste

- Build a sustainable agriculture and a sustainable food industry

- Build highly energy efficient products and systems

- Produce sustainable energy

- (Re)Build sustainable buildings

- Design resilient, smart and inclusive cities

- Design Fintech for inclusive sustainable finance and markets

- Build the future of sustainable transportation

- Foster education on sustainability

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