Magnus Burvall can help you realising your dreams!

04/26/2017 | By Klara Stumpf

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Magnus Burvall is the founder and CEO of Syntesia, an important contact to reach out to on Startup Weekend Travel!

Nothing drives him crazy, maybe the crush of his computer. He likes to work with honest people where mutual trust can be built. He is also pissed off when something does not work during his travels and he has to reschedule and reorganize his trips on the go.

Help Magnus reorganize his trips by finding new traveltech solutions on Startup Weekend Travel 12-14 May!

Do you have a role play name?

I don’t think I have any nicknames now, but as my family name is Burvall, some of my friends used to call me Burre.

Tell us about yourself! What are you good at?

I have a great ability to look into the future and see the paths of several scenarios and I am capable of orienting towards them. I am very curious and I try to learn and read as much as possible.

I am also a good analyst, as the name of my company suggests. Syntesia refers to the process where we tear the problem into pieces and then put pieces of the solutions together.

I am also creative and I can dream and find solutions that are great. I am also good at finding the good people for the roles that are needed in companies to reach the common goals.

I have more than 10 years of experience in working with startups with lean startup methodology as I worked in the Peak Region Science Park as well as in incubators and also have started a few companies. I have coached more than 50 companies.

What does Syntesia do?

Syntesia is a network company with a few experts and thought leaders. It helps entrepreneurs to succeed and fulfill their dreams. We work as an experts’ hub that brings in the expertise that is needed. We combine proven methods with our own learning experience and combine that with a positive and delivery oriented culture.

Do you travel to chill out?

When everything goes wrong, I like to do some sports to forget everything. Biking, playing golf, skiing - that is my medicine and I get fully energized by it.

What is your favourite vehicle now and what would it be in the future?

My mountain bike. It’s a little bit dangerous but it’s fun. I did a little bit of downhilling too, but injured my shoulder so I stick with mountain biking now. In the future it would be a time machine – I’d travel in time, rather than space. Back to the past and back to the future.

Why do you like traveltech?

There are lots of megatrends happening right now in traveltech as globalization and digitalization. Also, environmental concerns need to be taken care of. Many interesting things are happening, like the evolution of the sharing economy, which has just begun. There are many technologies that are also leaping forward: there is more intelligence now than ever before. We also need to solve the problem of environmental issues and reduce our footprints.

People are getting more and more mobile, gig economy is coming and there will be a lot of changes in the close future.

What has been your most interesting experience?

Maybe not the most interesting, but fun and a little weird. I was working with Scandinavian Airlines in a cost cutting programme. There used to be two spoons served together with the meals on the airplanes. I made an analysis on that and figured that they were spending 1 million kronas on two spoons and we could reduce this cost by half by serving only one spoon. This “innovation” was actually presented on the front side of SAS Magazine as a very effective cost cutting method and saved a lot of money, even though it was a very simple thing. :)

How do you feel about Startup Weekend?

I am particularly looking forward to Startup Weekend because I love new ideas and people and entrepreneurs and I hope we’ll have a wonderful event. As a mentor and coach I hope I can provide methods and models that help entrepreneurs to reach their goals. It gives me so much energy and I hope I can give some energy too. People should attend the event because it is a unique opportunity to work on ideas that can change their lives forever and get concentrated knowledge in an environment to meet new people who share the same visions and dreams. The  mentors and coaches will concentrate on leveraging your dreams in just a weekend. I think that everyone will be amazed how far an idea can get during an intensive weekend like this.