Robert Pohl, mentor of Startup Weekend Fintech gave us a few hints of a techie’s life

01/25/2017 | By Klara Stumpf

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Robert is a hands-on techie who loves to create services that people would want to use. He has 15 years of software development experience doing creative solutions for major brands and businesses. He has always been improving creativity, development and internet related businesses.

Why on your opinion it is so much buzz around fintech?

It is a lot of buzz, but not always groundbreaking. New solutions and services will make a big difference in most peoples lives soon.

How would you pitch fintech to a 6 years old kid

Fintech is for banks and shops what Minecraft is for games.

Which area do you think is a game changer in fintech right now and why?  

PSD2 will change the game, since it gives the power from the banks to the people.

As we know humans learn only from mistakes, could you tell us your biggest (professional) fuckup?

Hmm.. not really :) Well, mistakes I've made has a lot to do with trusting people and always expecting them to act reasonable.

If you were hitting on someone working with fintech, what would be your pickup line?

Hey there handsome, how do you get paid?

If you had a chance to meet, Ben Bernanke, what would you tell him?

Would You Rather Fight a Horse-Sized Duck or a Hundred Duck-Sized Horses?

Who is Elon Musk of fintech on your opinion?

All of us trying to make a difference and chasing the dream.

What message would you send to you in the past  let's say 20 years younger?

Go on.. this will change your life for the better.

Do you think that there will be banks on Mars?

No, but there will be Mars-Bars !

Being very traditional and staggering entities, what do you think can help banks to survive?  

Listen to and invest in new companies.

How did you start your career?

I got an ZX81 computer from my grandfather. Since it din't have any games, we bough a C64 and then i started to code C64 Basic.

The rest is, as they say; Many hours copying code from books and magazines, letter by letter, trying to make a balloon bounce on the screen....

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