Tatiana Solodko, Startup Weekend Fintech winner comes back to coach Startup Weekend participants!

04/26/2017 | By Klara Stumpf

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co

Tatiana works with business development and innovation management at Amadeus. It means that she is engaged both in internal and open innovation. They are constantly getting ideas from the market and from startups.


Amadeus is connecting travel marketplaces with each other. They connect, for example, airlines with travel agencies, airports and rail companies with the travellers. Amadeus is a B2B company, but their services are mostly used when you do a flight reservation in Skyscanner. Most of the searches go through Amadeus’ system, so they are literally the Google for travel.


Tatiana has participated and won a Startup Weekend Fintech with her team in January. Now she comes back as a mentor to teach you how she did it!

How is life at Amadeus?

I have been working here for 6 years and it has been an amazing journey. In the beginning I was focused mostly on business development and I shifted more and more towards innovation. I am really excited about this area. Scandinavia is a very innovative market and there are very strong startup communities. Also, the travellers here are the most techie people in the world. Scandinavians are the people who travel the most, so it makes this market full of potentials. I am looking forward to see more and more startups popping up in Sweden.

Which one is your favourite place on Earth?

It is Northern Spain, because of its amazing nature which is not spoiled by tourism :)

Do you have a favourite vehicle?

My favourite vehicle is a plane if I need to get there by plane, but then it would be a bike or a sailing boat. I just have to get over my sea sickness on the first day.

You participated in the last Startup Weekend Fintech edition, how was it?

I loved the experience as everybody was so positive and supportive around the ideas. You will have incredible support and advice and you will work on the idea for 54 hours non-stop – where else would you have such an opportunity?  Apart from that, you will also get an amazing network.

The mentorship team from Amadeus will help participants with our industry insights, mentorship and technology as well as we will help you to test your ideas and validate yours assumptions with our customers that is a key step for startups. We can also provide some help from our innovation lab and from the head of ventures  as we have a venture company investing in startups. So, seize this opportunity! Amadeus takes this event very seriously. You should too!

Where are the needs to innovation in traveltech?

If we only bet on the customer needs as of today, then it would get difficult to scale because probably thousands of other companies are already on the market. But if you are aiming at the area that is going to scale and is emerging now, for example virtual reality, blockchain or AI, then you will find a great potential. We all know that future is almost here.

What is your advice to anyone who considers starting up a company in travel?

Choose an emerging technology and the customer need that this technology can satisfy to create a strong company!

Do it at Stockholm Startup Weekend Travel, 12-14 May!