Sweden needs more female founders!

08/15/2017 | By Laura Katinaite

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co

On September 8th it is time for FemTech Startup weekend at SUP46! We can barely wait. We are looking forward to meeting talented women from all over the country, that come together for a weekend to share ideas and create startups that might become the next global success. We have met Berit Behring, the country manager for Danske Bank Sweden to ask her about Danske Bank´s engagement in FemTech.

Why do you think it is important with these kinds of events for female entrepreneurs?

- Last year we started TheHub, a digital platform where we connect ideas and capital, job seekers with startups searching for competence and talented people to find a co-founder.

We have noticed that the Hub attracts more men than women and with the engagement in FemTech Startup Weekend, we hope to encourage more women to make the reality of their ideas and discover the benefits of theHub. Sweden needs a lot of startups to create jobs for the future. Today a majority of all startups are founded by men and research shows that men get access to more risk capital than women. That has to change!  It is 2017 and it is time for women to take their fair share, says Berit Behring and continues:

- I am pleased that Danske Bank is the co-organizers of FemTech startup weekend. An event for women by women. This is an opportunity for women to take the chance to realize their dreams and broaden their professional network!

Currently, Danske Bank has a competition where five women can win a ticket to Femtech, tell us more about it

-That’s right, five women have the chance to win a ticket to the event. Just publish an image on Instagram and tell why you want to join FemTech and don`t forget that your account needs to be open and tag @danskebankse #IamTheChange so we can find your contribution.